Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Little Selfish Self

The thing about fears is that they can take you on a jolly good ride and you wont even know you are on it. Pessimists are miserable people for they let their fears take over and predict next ten years of doom with complete confidence.

I have been an ass I realise.

Life will never turn out as worse as I imagine it to be. On the contrary some of my past fears appear so stupid. But then I have forgiven myself for being lost once in a while.

People change when the change brings them comfort or when they feel loved for the change they bring in themselves. At the bottom of it all, we remain utterly selfish in our needs, desires and wants. Love, money, attention, time, praise - I would want everything. And what will I not give to be perceived in a certain manner.

Such an utterly mundane and selfish existence - this - mine!