Sunday, August 9, 2009

Leap of Faith

What makes people walk out or stay in relationships?

What happens to a relationship where somebody lies and the other takes a leap of faith.

What happens to those relationships where somebody gets hurt by a lie and continues.

What makes people stay even when they know they are being lied to. When they close their eyes and look the other way.

when the choice is between less hurt and more hurt... we choose less hurt.

People don't end things on any one account. It gets added up. And one day the things that were being added up get so large in size that they don't fit the closet you were stuffing them in and shutting tight. So then ... it spills.

Leap of faith is scary. But we take our chances.

Someone had once told me that women are beautiful creatures meant to be loved. Yeah... I agree.

Hook Line and Sinker

He said - you are a beautiful person... you radiate when you talk.

She fell for it!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Well - Aware

The need for silence is immense. It is met. Friends, family, work, God .... they all seems to be standing on the other side of this fine line that seems to be around me. I am a little too aware of the pace and the change around me. A blur would be preferred. You know when you blink and something is different. There appears to be doorways inside myself that I seem to cross while changing gears to adjust my pace. I can walk inside to myself. Its a bit lonely there you know. But then its the same outside. I am neither the hero of my life nor the victim. I have not won any war nor have I been tormented by injustice. I am not seeking fame nor am I dying of anonymity.

I am truly an ordinary atom in the universe. I see that as a good thing.

But sometimes I want to escape myself and my mind. And thats not good. I want to see but not observe and thats not good. I want to be alone without being lonely.