Sunday, August 12, 2007

To F ..... my best friend!

I know what people mean when they say -Love is a many splendoured thing. I met F after six years. F was glowing.... it had nothing to do with eating right. She is still in love... with A who is also her life partner now. It touched my heart to see two people who have never been happier. She found what she was looking for and it took her only seven days to realise that. Only seven days!!! I was amazed. F is amongst the most beautiful people I have ever known. She has a heart of gold. In many ways she saved me... its is difficult to say exactly how. Back in college..... I could've rolled in any direction. She saved me then. From my self. She is also brave. Very brave. Her siblings would vouch for that. I am lucky to have a friend like that. When we met now.... she agreed that I have become more emotional than I ever was. Back then I was very uptight when it came expression of feelings. Now I cried openly while talking to her. We all were sitting over coffee and it was just like the old days. She n I were talking as if the intermittent six years were only six days....
But I also know... that for F to stay who she is and feel good about it..... her love-of-life A is completely responsible. The beauty of the language between them was exceptional. It never fails to amaze me. I am lucky to have the friends that I have... and for the love that I receive.

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