Saturday, February 7, 2009

Soul Food

Soul food..... I cooked some last night. To soothe frayed nerves, to drive out the dirty fumes I inhaled while on my way back from work, to forget the schedule of the coming Monday and also to forget that its going to be a lonely weekend...!

Recently I have hired help to cook for me. I realise I crave to cook... so is it a wise investment of money? Time will tell.
Cooking helps. Other people exercise, talk to others, listen to music, read.... I cook. So what does it help with??? Well for starters, your mind is busy estimating the effect of the ingredients of what you attempt to put together. My creative side also finds an outlet... for example yesterday I decided to mix lemon juice and honey as a flavouring. The taste of the vegetables (sauteed well) was a tingling sweet sour taste that you feel at the sides of the tongue. Colored capsicum was good to look at because you eat with your eyes and your nose before your tongue touches the food. It has to look good. The anticipation of the taste comes next. Actual eating and savoring of the taste is in fact the last step. So yes. I know what cooking does for me. It allows me to have an experience that my work life is devoid of! (I have to do something about that!!)


Kau Kau goes the Crow said...

Amazing, as thats exactly how i feel about cooking and food too..

Its just that u have captured and articulated it so much better

Soul Images said...

When Can I invite myself to some soul food?

Its been a while since I chilled out on a sofa, watching TV, waiting to be served.... :)

Kau Kau goes the Crow said...
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Kau Kau goes the Crow said...

Hailaaa..the better 1/2 now demands ladies service...anything for a change i guess ;-)

The day the two of u require to be served upon..strictly food only...any weekend is services as a cook volunteered

and if Soul food is being served to Soul Images with poha breakfasts then this Crow would like to join in and peck at it...

shazia said...

hahahhahaha.... you guys are welcome anyday... though I am at my best on a lazy weekend!!!!

And yes kau... we almost needed your kitchen art today... but well... I couldn't come .... kitchen sink fixed, money given, and now discovered water still drips and goes to the drain with my money!!!