Thursday, February 25, 2010

What A Wonderful Life!

I think its never too early to talk about childhood. Especially if its your own.

All I remember from mine is lots of green grass, stones and boulders of all shapes and textures, weird smells from the middle pages of new books, erasers with dark edges, texture of wet mud, skinned knees (lots of them), the shape of my mother's palm and the sound it made when it touched my cheek (at either end), my English teacher who never smiled, spellings and meanings of words that I didn't like, looking up your latest crush's phone numbers in the directory, looking at grown ups with awe, lots and lots of open sky, lots of idle time, listening to crickets in the garden at night.

Had I known, I would've torn and framed grass spots from my clothes. Captured the sound of my mothers slap in a box and kept it on my table. Tucked away all the speacial treats that were made in the kitchen when we were studying very hard.

Time passes slowly every time I get a hug from my loved ones. In fact it seems to stop for just a moment for me to put it in a box and bury it deep in my heart for the inevitable winter that will arrive.

The balance of life is beautiful. It constantly changes things. When your journey makes you leave a stop and move on its only because another beautiful town is waiting for you.

S says some day long into the future, we will stop and look back at these days and say - what a wonderful life!



Anonymous said...

across the ocean

LighTNinG Crashes said...

She comes and plants a peck on my cheek as I curl in to my bed at night. She gives me her quilt, that I GIFTED her, because I need the warmth now.

She checks in on me at 3:00 am about my where about's - groggy and sleepy, she yet asks.

She doesn't ask for returned favour's. They just land in my account and she doesn't ask many questions.

If they say ugly to me, she slaps them and calls me pretty.

She is my belief in the future and the faith of my past, and the strength of today.

She is my sister. My curly hair green monster who managed to scare me while acting up at age 13.

She is my loving Sister.

SA said...