Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Planet and a comet

You - were a planet to me
Breaking my speed, my gait, my trail,
Involuntarily you drew me in
I burned on shivering nights and foggy mornings
So different are we
Two strangers
We don't know the other
And yet the intimacy of what you do to me
Pulling me in
I circle around
Doomed to collapse eventually
Your mild touch and a look
Your carefree attention
You turn my attention like
sunflowers slowly turning to face the sun
You turn me you
A shared laugh
My tension with your proximity
This may be a dream
And I will wake up
And continue to be the comet that I am
And you will remain the planet that I passed by
Unwatched by the world
But you will know & So will I
That I passed you by
And burned you too in my wake

1 comment:

Unforgettable said...

This is beautiful. I loved it.