Saturday, July 14, 2007

Calvin and I

Calvin is always in a hurry..... The hurry is to have fun. His summer vacation is like life. Short! So we gotta have fun and we gotta have fun right now.

So I want to take that vacation I never took to go to goa with S, R, N. I ought to take leave and go visit R & S's new born or go meet nani. I never got that old property painted. I didn't go to Leh!

I want to hear my mom talk while we sit at marine drive and have chai!

I want my dad to show me his new shoes that he claims are the lightest ever made!

I want to listen to Nani ask a zillion questions about mobiles, planes, work. I just want hear her talk!

I want to go and see if Tenga Valley changed in the last fifteen years!

I want to see the sun rise above the valley enroute to Gowahati!

I am lucky I saw that million dollar smile on A's face when he got his new clothes and shoes and books.

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