Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Slow Walk

Slowing down is a good thing. I now see sunlight change colors. I see the pace of my relationships. I find the time to respond to the bends in the road. I see the road I want to take.
I see the space that people create in a friendship. I see them change that space. And while I am involved, I still can see it all from the outside. I see things happening to me and to those around me. I realise, I can't help someone else. That they too have all the answers but they aren't used to productive silence of the mind. I watch myself change the things I want to change and let go of some of the others.
I watch relationships being built and I have the time and pace to decide where I want to be an observer and where I want to get involved.
Because I can keep quiet, I find little reason to disturb the silence within.
I have found the roots and they hold well for now.
I lead myself to where ever I desire to go. Only earlier that was not a conscious event.

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