Sunday, September 7, 2008

My window and my god

I sat by a large window
The world at large
Sunlight and kids running
Worried mothers
Busy dads
The usual hum of silent progress

And the window grew
And engulfed me whole
Spit me out on the other end
And Its difficult to get back
Everything is unknown
All i use is instinct

Struggling to put across all that is going on
Not really succeeding
The melody is not fine
Its not music
Not yet

Which means that the link is not complete
the bridge between feelings and thoughts is not good enough

So often lost
I speak with god
And ask shamelessly
For that that seems outside the grip

God gives me a patient hearing
For I am the child that often returns


Kau Kau goes the Crow said...

Hmmm.. Are u the deeply reflective one or what? I like what you write Shazia..I respect involved thought probably because am not able to dive into the deep end myself..

Being filmy to the core would leave a line for u to reflect on from Khudagawah ( asinine movies somehow have the best lines)..

"Khudabaxey, Oye itna na socho barkhordaar, Soch Jub Geharee ho Jaye to Iraadey Kamzor Hotey Hai"


shazia said...