Sunday, November 30, 2008


Perhaps I need to visit my country's past in order to understand our present and realistically dream the future.

I want to know what happened in Godhra.

Why did we bring down the babri masjid?

I want to know what led to partition.

I want to know what led to the situtation in Gujarat.

I want to know why Guwahati.

For now there are more questions than answers.

I want to know Kiran Bedi's solutions for better policing.

I want to read MJ Akbar.

I want to know what breeds hatred.

I want to understand why as an Indian Muslim (both words are important) do I feel uneasy these days.

I want to know why the fanatics scare me.


Kau Kau goes the Crow said...

Fanatics are scary. Every religion has seen its deterioration or lets just say its lowest point once every 1000-500 years. At the hands of zealots and pople who twisted the words to suit their own agenda's.

Christianity saw the Inquisition and the Crusades, Judaism saw the fanatics in their fights across history there were the Zionist wars and the Holocast. Hinduism or the Vedic religion under king Manu was an extreme tenet to follow. Today its the low point for Islam.

When mature thought deteriorates, it uses extreme force. Thats the sign of the beast.This too shall pass. The greater identity is of being Human, a World citizen and then Indian. No further sub-divisions are required.

I have used your earlier nom-de plume of Courage Under Fire for one of my posts..royalties shall be paid in kind by allowing us to host you at home ;-)

Anonymous said...

Go home and sleep!

shazia said...

Thanks Kau for the invitation. I shall be happy for the royalties. How about some Jalebi's????