Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Thoughts

The world is full of endless possibilities. Whether I am able to see these possibilities depends on how I am using my heart and my head. There are things like hope and faith that modern science would at best try to link with certain chemicals produced by the body to fight whatever it is faced with.

All of the best things of God are free and within reach to everyone. And yet we concentrate on those that remain outside our grasp. When the mind is still, the most troublesome of questions are the most simple ones. Am I happy today? What is my fear now? Why am I sad? And then the mother of all of them - What do I want? Sometimes it takes me days and a lot of silence to get answers. I have come to realise that fear is my biggest enemy. It has in past deprived me of the joy of hope and faith and unlimited happiness. Whenever I have conquered fear I have felt in control and have sensed life as an adventure. But then there are bad days too when the world at large is grey and hopeless. Reading newspapers today can be very depressing but it doesn't have to be. I believe there is always a way to handle anything, I just need to find it.

I have a few goals and whenever I get lost in my plans to achieve them, I find myself excited like a kid on his birthday, the hair on my arm stand on ends, my voice trembles. I will inshallah achieve those goals. I know it. But there is one sure shot way of not getting there. That road is called fear of the unknown.


Diiet Pepsii said...

And I thought i was the only person that thought like that. From you title i can see that you probably get random thoughts during the day as well as me. everyday i try to figure out am i happy but i begin to feel scared that i may lie to myself and really be full of depair. aside from that i learned that fear is something we all have and my biggest fear is failing. I have so many fears that stop me from what i want to be and do but sometimes i find it hard to fight it, guess that why they call it a fear huh...?

Smita Tewari said...

there is nothing to fear, but fear itself!

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