Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tips For Healthy Living

These are my thoughts. Please accept or reject based on your own judgement.

  • Reading current affairs of Indian Governance System can cause depression
  • A book reading, poem writing soul is not at peace in the corporate world of grey ghosts in executive suits and spectacles
  • Earning money is very important to survive
  • How much money will make you feel safe is a very personal decision
  • You can't hide from yourself
  • That which pricks most is called a conscience
  • Cancer of the soul is commonly dressed as Guilt
  • It okay sometimes to not know where you are headed
  • Trust your gut and leap
  • Find out what you want
  • You may discover that your wants change with time
  • Explore what does success mean to you
  • Ask yourself - what will make me happy now
  • DO NOT misread Love to be a passing emotion/ infatuation
  • DO NOT misread a passing emotion/ infatuation to be Love
  • When you get a hate email, try to curb the urge to respond instantly - the best answers will come to you when your mind is at peace
  • Sometimes not giving everybody an answer is an answer
  • Self confidence works inside out
  • Judgement works outside in
  • There is no enemy like fear


Juice Box said...

I think what you are saying here is very profound. My favorite was "It's okay to not know where you are going."

I know that I personally struggle with always needing to control and it's sometimes hard to step back, take a breath, and say "This is okay."

But anyways, great post. I really enjoy reading your blog.

morethanthestarsinthesky said...

Very thought provoking blog! :)


SA said...

thank you.