Monday, September 17, 2012

The Death Of Free Spirit

What once stood tall and proud
Stands low hugging the ground that found its roots
The sun no longer its friend
Replaced by a deep darkness that envelops it
It was free spirit that was grounded to a pulp
It stood hunched
on a street corner
much like a beggar who nobody sees
unless they bump into him
who said you have to break bones to break a man
just squash everything he stands for
kill every objective that made him proud
bind him to watch the drama that unfolds
force him to keep quiet and be weighed down
by the words that did not escape his lips
force him to understand fear
not fear of god
of evil
of treachery combined with power
force him to acknowledge the power of evil
power of small everyday fallacies
power of little injustices carried out everyday
Make him watch the suffering of others
make him look the other way
and then watch the spark die in his eyes
watch how his shoulders stoop
watch how how the spring disappears from his step
enjoy his fall
enjoy the power in you
the power to kill in a man all that he stands for
and then if your power permits you to remember before its too late-
Remember - what goes around comes around

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