Monday, September 24, 2007


I came to a startling realisation today evening. I realised that I had always resisted at some level the Islamic wisdom to fear nothing and nobody but the god above.

And then I thought about what I had been thinking the past one week. I have lately been acutely aware of fears.... all kinds of fears.... And I remember telling myself that now on I am not going to let fear (and if possible anger) take control of me. I am going to fear nothing. I may not succeed all the time but I am going to try.

Infact as I write this .... there are a couple of scary thoughts that are circling inside my head.... buts thats all right. There is presence is acknowledged and kept aside as data. What I want to do will not necessarily be driven by those thoughts.

I feel closer to myself and god when I am not afraid. Today I asked S. What religion do we teach our kids when we have them. She said Humanity.

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