Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I float
My mind no longer contained
No known boundries
And no chains

I smell my fears
Touch my feelings
Feel the words
That lose themselves in me

I hesitate and walk
Thoughts like bends in the road
New and completely unknown
Courage and fear
Love and fear
Truth and fear

Feelings leap out
Without a warning
Am caught unaware
And completely suprised
trying to put a name
on that which can only be felt
and never shared in words

The inadequacy of words
for the multitudes of thoughts and feelings within
sometimes a stranger to myself
sometimes lost beyond recognition

I return to myself
Every now and then
To see what I may have found
and what I may have lost
where am i going
and how so.

Some truths sit on the shelves
they stare at me and say
you cant run away
some lies i tell myself
to avoid the heat of the moment

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