Friday, June 22, 2007

The Nutcase

S is a total nut!

Now that we are roomies, she has taken on certain tasks that we both prefer that she handles. Telling the bai that she needs to clean up better... telling bai to find another job next month onwards.... asking the watchman for carpenter, plumber, dhobi details .....guiding me on train related details, blah all hers

But the best and my fav part abt living with S is the "all time entertainment" that she does free of cost. She has a set of all these false tones and accents that she uses depending on the person she is addressing, time of day, her mood and the topic.

I notice, that for me .... if I need/ want someone to know me better... I want them to meet S. She is an extension of me... carrying with her a skill set that I am born without. Its not just entertainment that she is good at. I have never seen my friends "not" like her. S has an infectious laughter and great vibes...... All is fun when she around.

We have shared a lot of jokes (on varied and vast topics) all our lives...... and the fun never stopped....

I am so lucky...... I never would need a Tv :) kidding!

But I wont be me without S.

This morning I was witness to a session where I heard S talk to mom. I know the statements mom must've made while S went on and on with her false accent.

S: Mommie ... mommie ... mommie.....gugugugugugu...
Mom: Haan Beta (With a pause waiting for the tide in S' throat to subside)

I just know this..... Our lives have never been the same since S' arrival......

She even makes fun of herself when she was a baby......

To S.... the whole world appears funny (Although that is subject to moods... coz on some days... everything just seems ****ed to her!)

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