Sunday, June 24, 2007

Of Rains and More

It rained on my thoughts today

Thoughts that were a twisted lot

Silence that stayed quiet

And words that got away

Of pace and moods

Dark clouds and dampness

Riot colored clothes drying on the line

Like little kids playing outside

Of sunday morning breakfast

Two egged omelettes and chai

Pause filled conversations

And afternoon naps

Of staying still

Of distant thoughts and people

Love from far off places

And teary goodbyes

Of growing up

All over again

Of wearing new shoes that pinch

Of surprises at every corner

The world is changing

So am I

But the more we change

The more we stay the same


Scarface said...

sorry for trespassing..i duno how i got here..but what i saw was good..talkin abt of rains and more..

shazia said...

thanks...its not trespassing for it is not private domain...